Tattoo Designs

Some of our custom tattoo designs / tattoo ideas ready to go *

(* Subject to availability)

All of our tattoo designs are custom made by Extreme Needle tattoo artists. Each of these designs is always one of a kind and never will be used for more than one customer. Once gone ... are gone forever. When the design has been tattooed it will be shredded and recycled.

We are custom tattoo shop, we can design for you any tattoo in any style you may have in mind. In case you haven't got any tattoo idea yet but you would like to get something inked, you can choose from our ready to go tattoo designs. To confirm availability, please contact our studio stating tattoo design number located below its picture.

All designs shown on our website are the property of Extreme Needle or its tattoo artists and protected by international law. Copying, reworking or using these designs without Extreme Needle's permission is strictly prohibited and will be reported as theft of intellectual property.